Building Department

Welcome to the City of Jesup's Building Department.  This department is responsible for comprehensive planning, zoning code updates, and zoning and land development approvals.  Cities choose to enforce zoning and building codes in order to provide minimum requirements to safeguard life, health, and public welfare.  Codes also control the design, construction, installation of equipment, quality of materials, repair, use and occupancy of residential dwellings and accessory structures.

The Building Department Coordinator is responsible for reviewing all zoning and building requests to ensure that it complies with local code requirements.   

The City of Jesup has adopted the following codes: 

  • Building:         2009 International Building Code              
  • Building:         2009 International Residential Code           
  • Electrical:       2020 National Electrical Code
  • In addition, to help assure the safety and welfare of our residents, the City of Jesup requires all contractors, including electricians and plumbers, to file a certificate of liablility insurance with the City of Jesup and be a registered contractor with the State of Iowa.  For more information on the requirements to become licensed please contact City Hall at 319-827-1522...

All commercial electric permits within city limits will need to be issued by the State of Iowa.

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