Help Keep Jesup Clean

Recycling Center  The City of Jesup's recycling center is located at 815 10th Street.  Recyclables include: paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum.  Recycling recepticles are emptied weekly.  Please do not place or leave recycling on the ground if bins are full. 

City Landscape Waste The city yard waste site is located east of 12th Street and north of Tower Street, as posted by the City.  Landscape waste, includes yard waste and trees.  "Yard waste" means any debris such as grass clippings, leaves, branches/limbs less than one inch in diameter and garden waste. 

City Tree Dump The city tree dump is adjacent to the B&B Farm Store on the eastern edge of Jesup.  "Trees" including branches limbs that are more than 1" in diameter, and stumps.   Remember to tie down or tarp all loads to prevent littering along the roadway. 

Nuisance Abatement Jesup has a nuisance ordinance (Chapter 50) that deals with many aspects of property upkeep. For example, the accumulation of refuse and rubbish is prohibited in yards, lots, boulevards, streets, alleys and sidewalks or other places and premises. Refuse includes garbage, abandoned vehicles, discarded furniture or appliances, other household goods, barrels, cartons, boxes, pieces of wood and other discarded materials.

With a few exemptions, items can be disposed of during the city-wide clean-up day scheduled for the Saturday after the City-wide garage sale weekend in May.  Beyond that date, items either need to go in trash receptacles for normal garbage collection or hauled to the landfill.

Restrictions on Tall Grasses, Weeds The code of ordinances (Chapter 52) for the City of Jesup requires property owners to mow or cut weeds or grasses in excess of 8 inches.   If property owners do not comply with the requirement within 5 days of receipt of a notice, the Street Commissioner will arrange to have the property mowed or sprayed. Costs will be assessed to the property owner.

Sidewalks & Driveways  It is unlawful for any person to throw, push, or place or cause to be thrown, pushed or placed, any ice or snow from private property, sidewalks, or driveways onto the traveled way of a street or alley so as to obstruct gutters, or impede the passage of vehicles upon the street or alley or to create a hazardous condition therein; except where, in the cleaning of large commercial drives in the business district it is absolutely necessary to move the snow onto the street or alley temporarily, such accumulation shall be removed promptly by the property owner or agent.  Arrangements for the prompt removal of such accumulation shall be made prior to moving the snow.  Jesup has a sidewalk ordinance (Chapter 136) dealing with construction standards and maintenance.

City Wide Clean-up Day  Every spring, following the City Wide garage sales, the City of Jesup hosts a clean-up day.  Residents of Jesup are allowed to bring large items, not allowed in regular garbage service, to the recyling center for disposal.   Appliances can be disposed of for a nominal fee.  Please check the City of Jesup Facebook page for dates.

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